2011.04.29 De-clutter, simplify and organize . . .

. . . the display shelves above the games and crafts cabinets.

Now that I'm not working 6 days a week (tax season),
I'm ready for some spring cleaning and de-cluttering.
For me, the de-cluttering and organizing is much more enjoyable than the cleaning,
but cleaning a shelf is so easy when there is nothing on it :)

First step, mull it over in my mind and decide what's leaving.
Study the area for a couple of days to figure out the good and bad,
what's still functional, and what isn't.
Maybe the purpose of the area should be totally changed?
Am I just moving some things somewhere else?
Have things gotten old?  boring?  not needed?

Here's the before photo . . .

I've never been able to figure how areas become cluttered, but I know they do.
There is a very small storage room upstairs and I think stuff multiplies in the dark.

The top two shelves are mostly decorative and include the CD/radio.
The short third shelf has always been a challenge because it's only 5 1/2 inches high.
The table in front is an "extra" table for games, puzzles, craft projects,
and extra seating during family holidays and celebrations.
But, right now, it's mostly a catch-all for backpacks, diaper bags,
library make-and-take projects, and just stuff.

What I've decided so far ~ always subject to change ~
is to move all the photo albums and scrapbooks to the library
which will free up the cabinet top.
I love empty surfaces; they look so ready for projects and activities.
I also want to condense the display photos.
Condense means remove the photo(s) and file them in a photo box;
sell, pack, or give-away the frames.
Definitely keeping the decorative lamps and the CD/radio.

Problem:  there isn't any "free" space in the library for the albums.
This will require a quick de-clutter of a shelf in the library.

The after photo will be posted soon (I hope).