2011.03.31 Blogger's dynamic views are coming

Blogger has 5 new views for their blogs.
To see this blog in Mosaic view, add "/view/mosaic" to the url like this:
You can switch to the other types of new views by selecting at the top right.
The views don't have full features yet, but that will be coming.
Read all about the new views here: All About Dynamic Views

Let me know what you think and which new view you like!
But you will have to come back to the original blog format to comment.
Commenting is one of the full features which is not yet available in the new views.


2011.03.29 Quote

Sometimes I go about pitying myself
And all the while I am being carried across
     the sky
By beautiful clouds.
Ojibway Indian saying


2011.03.27 Jen

Jen at today's baby shower . . .
(where every guest brought a book for the baby's library)


2011.03.26 Quote

This is why you must not work for the approval of cynics; you must have a higher motivation that is yours alone. You must work for what is noble and right, and for what is true to your own self.
Because you, not being a cynic or a naysayer or a charlatan, have already tipped the odds in your favor simply by daring to believe in something. You’ll get your way in the end, and then people will say… “That’s nice, but it’s just not realistic.”
Then you continue to live your unrealistic, grandiose life.
Chris Guillebeau at The Art of Non-Conformity


2011.03.24 Still sleeping . . .

Anya fell asleep as dinner was winding down,
and she's still sleeping after all is cleaned up and put away . . .


2011.03.23 Quote

The only ones among you who will be really happy
are those who will have sought and found how to serve.
Albert Schweitzer


2011.03.21 FYI Backyard astronomy

Read this:  Amazing astronomy photography from a city backyard ~ Averted Imagination

and read some background of Alan Friedman's photography at Discover Magazine's blog 03/08/2011


2011.03.19 Tear it apart . . .

Anne and I bought a book at Half-Price this week.
It was about India; nothing but photos on a cardstock-weight paper.
Our intention?
Tear it apart.
She wants to put the photos on her dorm walls.
I want to use them on art journal pages.
This evening, we separated the book . . .

2011.03.19 Scanned family photos

Thanks to Marc for scanning and sharing family photos.
Thanks to Jeanne for passing them along to me.
Jeanne, Rosalynn, and Vic circa 1965 . . .


2011.03.15 "I can fix it!"

Picture this:
Anne is cutting my hair; I'm reading the jokes from Reader's Digest out loud.
My back is to the mirror and light.
She is cutting away and then blurts out, "!!!!! I can fix it!  I can fix it!"
Glad I don't really care too much about my hair.
Next, she's complaining 'cause I can't hold still for laughing.
All is well; she fixed whatever "it" was.
Has she ever cut anyone's hair before mine?
No.  Only her own.
I didn't think to ask that question before we started.
It doesn't matter.  My hair is cut, looks fine, and I'm happy.
Love you, kiddo; thanks for the laughter and the memory.


2011.03.14 Mind mapping

Go have some fun at Text 2 MindMap
Let me know if you find a way to size the blocks.
I would have liked to show the importance of each block by its size.
Home and family should be much larger.


2011.03.11 Skype

I had my first Skype conversation (and lesson) this evening . . .
Hi, kiddo!  Thanks; see you soon.


2011.03.10 Piñata

Theresa is building a piñata for Ian's birthday party:

Update:  here is the finished piñata - birthday party theme is zombies . . .

2011.03.10 FYI Chatting at the Sky - The Stuff of Dreams

Read this:  the stuff dreams are made of ~ Chatting at the sky - the stuff of dreams


2011.03.09 Quote

God alone knows the secret plan
Of the things he will do for the world
Using my hand.
Toyohiko Kagawa

2011.03.09 Hope . . .

Tree frogs singing.
Buds on the lilacs.
Hellebores pushing through the earth.
Snowdrops already blooming.


2011.03.05 This and that . . .

Be nice if we really lived on a lake . . .

Two of my girls . . .

Breakfast anyone?



We must alter our lives in order to alter our hearts, for it is impossible to live one way and pray another.
William Law (English cleric and theological writer)


. . . human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of the minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.
William James (American psychologist and philosopher)

Seems like we can have it both ways.