Evening snacks . . .

Abigail was making a batch of eggs.
She called jan over and said, "Look, Mom."
Here is what she showed jan.  Abigail's catching on :)


Snapdragon . . .

Out my work window . . .
(reflection from Rose's car)


The best afternoon snack . . .
17 cents at Wal-Mart.
Food for thought from “Quaker Summer” by Lisa Samson:

"Oh, come now, Heather.  Let’s be honest enough to admit the truth, all right?  I won’t tell a soul.  We’re all playacting 80 percent of the time, aren’t we?"
"What are we doing the other 20 percent?"
"We’re either with someone very safe, or we’re alone."

"Heather, when God speaks, it usually sounds like the light’s not on in the attic, usually counterintuitive from mankind’s boring ways of doing things."

No.  Not this.
Not right now.
I don’t have enough time.  Maybe I need to get away for a few days, listen to the Holy Spirit or something.
I draw a mental picture of the Spirit rolling His eyes, shaking His head, and drawing His cloak more tightly about His broad shoulders.  I hear the Spirit’s words:  If you need to take special time to listen to me, you’ve got too much to do, Heather.

"Can we do it, Jace?  Can we really follow His teachings?  I have a feeling I’ll be asking this question over and over for as long as I breathe."
"I believe we can, hon.  We won’t do it perfectly like He did, but that’s where the grace comes in."

"God’s speaking to me, Anna.  I just don’t know what it is He’s saying.  But I hear Him, like I hear the wind in the trees or that running water beneath our feet."
"Most likely you know it deep down already.  No matter.  God has plenty of time.  It’s one thing He’s never short of."
"But I feel so muddled."
"Through the ages people who listen to the promptings of God have always been thought more than a little goofy."

Liza strides through the kitchen and pours her drink down the sink. Sometimes I forget we’re not too old to be stupid.

I love.  In a bigger, broader way than I ever have before.  I realized Lark was right.  God wants us to care for the poor and the lonely and the sick, not just for their sake, but for ours.  Because in this, we become like Him, growing a bigger heart than we ever thought possible.

I wonder how many Jaces are out there.  Men and women held behind in their calling because their spouses hold on to their ankles in one way or another, refusing to let them step out.


So, in the spirit of staying organized and
I decided to clear out the medicine shelf.

Just checking for things we no longer use,
things that are expired . . .

Embarrassing, but some of these things
have expiration dates in 2003.

Theresa put a positive spin on this,
saying, "Well, we just aren't sick very often,
so these things didn't get used."


My three guys:
Vince and Lee heading out on a bike ride,
John heading to the Big Barn . . .

A simple ritual, grilled cheese and tomato soup and a book,
after coming home from Angel Food distribution
or sometimes from Sunday morning church . . .
I miss you SO much sometimes, kiddo.
It's the little things.


Vince and I went to The Farmhouse Cafe & Tea Room
at The Flower and Herb Barn today.

We had a wonderful lunch,
then on to Bloomington to visit with Anne for a bit.

PSE pencil on this one . . .

Gurgling fountain with LED lights in the center . . .

Back at home, Vince made pizza . . .


I had a nice visit with my mom's sisters today.

Aunt Kay . . .

Aunt Clarabelle . . .


I ((love)) Rimmel nail polish.

Today's colors are . . . Torrid on the toes . . .

and French Manicure Pink #130 on the fingers . . .

Both are topped with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat.
(Thanks, Kanina, for the Sally Hansen tip many years ago.)

Rimmel's 60 Second polish makes polishing nails EASY.
And, it's one-coat coverage.

I've done alternating orange and green for Halloween.
I've done Easter pastels and Easter brights . . .

And the (almost) best thing?
Available at Wal-Mart and most chains for a reasonable cost.
Cheap fun!


Uncle Barry . . .

Lee was cutting up a tree . . .
[from his cell phone]

Lee went to visit Anne . . .
[from Anne's cell phone]


(I seem to start a lot of posts with that word),
Ian (with Mommy's help) made a store . . .

to sell fresh, made-from-scratch (also with Mommy's help)
chocolate chips cookies - 2 for 25 cents.

Yes, he is painted like a cat.
And, the cookies were terrific.

[photo by Theresa]


Bee is a new traveling companion
for Moose and Bendable-Bob . . .


Yesterday was the annual Antiquing Day/Weekend
for Julia, Jane, Pam, me, and jan,
with Aunt Peg joining us for dinner.

On the Starbucks door,
a message for our "ritual" Antiquing Day . . .

On to shopping, eating, and conversation . . .

Joined by Aunt Peg for dinner . . .

And a true Deb-ending to the day,
googly eyes in Jane's car . . .


A party yesterday evening for Nancy's birthday.

Rosalynn hosted and we all enjoyed
ham and bean soup,
fried potatoes,
cake and ice cream.

Nancy, birthday girl . . .

Taylor, Sophia, Jody . . .

Lee, Anne . . .

Jeremiah, Billie, Anne . . .

Kissing cousin Matt, Lee . . .

Anne, Nancy, John quizzing 4th grade questions . . .

Roberta, me . . .

Anya, Wyatt, Ian . . .

Also celebrating were
Jeanne, Barry, Jennifer, Gina, Brian, Bill, Annette, Vince
and a gazillion dogs.


Recycling bins to make you smile . . .

Food for thought from "We Have This Moment" by Diann Hunt:

That was the key.  As long as it was called today, no matter how old one might be, there was time to make a difference.  Doing the best one could with the gifts God had given was all anyone could do.


Cute and fun . . .
(and photogenic when I can get him to hold still)

A couple of random . . .


Just before sunset Saturday . . .

Just before sunset this evening . . .
(one full f-stop underexposed)


Yesterday evening was Tri Kappa's Harvest Harmony Festival.

Justin Garrett Aydt . . .

and Knee Deep in the Weeds . . .

We had a bit of light rain, but mostly enjoyed beautiful skies . . .