2011.04.06 Lower-carb eating . . . part 1

Four weeks ago, my family started an experiment.
It began because of this ~
[Reader's Digest magazine, February 2011]

As we (John, Theresa, Vince, and I) were talking around the dinner table,
(yes, we have family dinners most every evening)
conversation moved though lots of things,
but ended up on low-carb eating.
The science behind eating lower amounts of carbohydrates
includes how carbs affect insulin and blood sugar.
The positive effects on the human body are significant.

We decided to try lower-carb (not low-carb which is more stringent)
eating for our dinners for just a week to try this.
Theresa, who does all the cooking, and I did the meal planning
together to find new recipes and to modify existing ones
(yes, we have a meal plan each week
which greatly simplifies grocery shopping as well as dinner prep).

After four weeks, the benefits are obvious by stepping on a scale.
The unexpected side effects are also interesting.
More to come . . .