Temporarily at least, the computer is being agreeable.
I talked with both Lee and Anne today.
A good day for me.

A photo from Meijers . . .

And, a BIG congratulations to Jan and Greg.


Serious computer issues . . .
today's post will be delayed.


A year ago, the magnolias were already blooming . . .

Our magnolia tree is just east of the big barn.
Not blooming yet this year,
but probably by the end of the week
with all the warm weather coming.


Anya has changed SO MUCH in 6 weeks . . .
(don't they all)

Another view of one of my flowers from Theresa . . .


Anne playing with Ian's light mat . . .

I started the comforter edging.
It may take me years to finish . . .


Friday night:  pizza and salad.
John went back outside to the fire
he and Ian had made earlier.
Theresa went to feed Anya.
Vince and Ian went to the fort . . .

And, I'm catching up on emails and deskwork
(and enjoying an evening at home).

Lee is in Las Vegas for the Mint 400

He is working with an off-road shop
that makes the kind of trucks used in this race.

Recent texts:
"Hi mother got to ride today in the trucks
and now we r going to eat and we have the night out"

"Its a lot of fun but u have to love this kind of work
because u never stop"

And he just called.
He is really enjoying being out there.


A couple of my boys dueling with light sabers . . .


Look how cute . . .
(and I added a half gallon of milk for size comparison)


Lee update:
he's in Phoenix (actually Chandler)
and already at work.

Theresa bought me flowers today
and she did the WalMart shopping for the house.
How cool is that?  I love it.

There are snapdragons (love snapdragons) . . .


Every week, Ian makes out his grocery list
while I make out mine . . .

Meals for this week:
Easy Chicken and Pasta
Meatball Hoagies
Hamburger Pie
Friday Night Pizza
Spicy Potato Soup

Update on Lee:  He made it to Amarillo, Texas yesterday.


Lee just left for a (temporary?) job in Arizona.
Miss you already.
See you in a month or two . . .


Twenty years ago, I transplanted these daffodils
from my Gramma Allie's farm
into the woods outside the south windows . . .

About 3 years after that,
I came home from a day out.
Vince had stayed home with
John, age 5, and Lee, age 2.
John was so proud to show me
the wildflowers he had found in the woods.
He had dug up bunches and bunches of daffodils
and moved them near the house
because he knew how much I loved flowers.
What a sweetheart even then.


I bought a new Bible with some of my Christmas bonus . . .

It was really hard to start a new one,
but the old one was held together with mailing tape.
This one has really wide margins
since I like to take notes as well as highlight . . .

Yesterday evening,
I spent almost 3 hours adding tabs.
Not the rainbow ones.
I couldn't find them for one thing
and also they just didn't seem to fit the style.


Happy birthday, Mom.
This photo was taken on her birthday in 1995.


Easy to see a sunrise before the trees leaf out . . .

And, honestly, this just seems to happen.
I went to the frig for an evening snack
and found leftover pancakes . . .


This evening, I was going to post some faces I've found . . .

(a couch pillow looking at me one morning)

(i set two ibuprofen on the counter)

(at the bank yesterday)

and then, after dinner,
I received a couple of text messages . . .

(from Lee)

(and Emma and Lisa)

Everybody knows I love "found" faces.



Winter is still here . . .

But, there are buds and new growth . . .

and the hellebores are coming up . . .


One of Ian's birthday presents . . .

It's a mat that retains light.
[Glow Station by Crayola]
Totally, totally fun.


This caught my eye coming out of church . . .

[ the tree frogs were singing this evening ]


It's happening . . .

The first snowdrops are pushing through.


Beautiful, beautiful fog this morning . . .

[ PhotoShop play with this one ]

and a huge sun at sunset . . .


Food for thought from Crazy Love by Francis Chan:
[Chapters 1-3 only]

. . . surrendering yourself totally to God's purposes, He will bring you the most pleasure in this life and the next.

Nothing compares to being truly, exuberantly wanted by your children.

Jesus didn't comand that we have a regular time with Him each day.  Rather He tells us to "love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."  The results are intimate prayer and study of His Word.

Then I remembered Ephesians 2:10, which tells us that we were created "to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."  That verse is meant for me and all others who have been "saved by grace through faith."  My existence was not random, nor was it an accident. God knew who He was creating, and He designed me for a specific work.

He doesn't need me or you.  Yet He wants us, chooses us, even considers us His inheritance (Eph. 1:18).

Another random . . .


It was a good day.
Some work, some play.

The day started with breakfast
and long-time friends, Ed and Lisa,
who are up from wintering in Florida
to welcome their son-in-law home from Afghanistan.

Back home to get through some paperwork.

To Mooresville for a Churches in Mission
food pantry pickup.

Back home for play time on the computer.
Make dinner.
Here are some leftovers . . .

and, this was dessert . . .


The sun is low in the sky before I leave work . . .

Brian fixes hot dogs and chili to try out
his new Firepan accessories . . .

and Baby Anya enjoys her first campfire
while safely in her mother's arms . . .