Yesterday evening, Vince and I drove
to Bloomington to see Anne.
The sun was setting on the town square . . .

Emma joined us . . .

The stadium as we were leaving . . .
Bye, kiddo, love you.

This morning, I helped in Kids' Church . . .


Food for thought from "A Penny for Your Thoughts"
   by Mindy Starns Clark:

I thought of one of Eli's favorite sayings, that sometimes it is in anger that we reveal our truest selves.


Saturday morning . . .
Theresa is taking a photograph for her new website . . .

John (and Ian) are cleaning out the Cherokee . . .

in preparation for car seat #2
which will be needed in just two weeks . . .

Vince is working on his chores
and I'm working on mine,
but we plan to have dinner with Anne
in Bloomington this evening.


An Ian-ism:
I'm putting on my coat, gloves
and generally getting ready to leave for work.
Ian runs up and says something that sounds like "sis-en-ug".
I ask a couple of times for a repeat,
but I just don't understand.
He motions for me to bend down and
gives me a "kiss and hug".

Another walking-to-work photo . . .


Theresa told Ian to put his books away
and then they would watch a movie.
He got the books off the floor very quickly,
but a check of the shelves later showed
that the books didn't quite make it
where they were supposed to go . . .
[ Notice Ian's yellow binoculars
(under the tip of the arrow)
close to where his grandpa's binoculars are sitting. ]

My walk to work . . .

with lots of sunshine this morning . . .

and not any real traffic . . .
(Hi, Chelsea - I said you would make my blog)


Sophia's racoons . . .

Yesterday, Theresa and Ian made
Banana Bread . . . (yum)

This week's meals:
Spicy Chicken Burgers
Chicken Fried Rice
Teriyaki Steak


Guess who came to Sunday dinner yesterday?
Woohoo . . .

And, guess who fell asleep during dinner?
[saying his name would get a smile,
but his eyes stayed closed]

After dinner though, he was wide awake
so he could make brownies . . .


This morning at Life Pointe,
we sang How Great Thou Art.
(( Hi, Mom ))

For lunch,
Vince fixed
Pigs in a Blanket

Theresa and John pleased the heart of
a homeschooling mom (me) . . .

Ian and Vince watched an old movie
and played motorcycles
before taking a walk in the woods . . .

And I'm putzing around
working on the odds and ends,
the parts and pieces,
the heres and theres
 of this day.
Thank you, Lord, for the zigzag path of my life.

(( Hey, kiddo . . . miss you  ))


Today started at Life Pointe
for Angel Food Distribution Day.

What I wear as a necklace and identifier . . .

This is what Vince found as we
were walking through Meijers . . .
(( hello ))


John brought home a box of old type
from one of the printing presses
they are restoring at work . . .

and said I could pick what I wanted . . .

On my walk to work . . .


A few pages from my 2009 photo journal . . .

and now I'm heading to book group.


My 2009 photo journal is done . . .
(more photos later)

And thanks to everyone sending
compliments my way for the blog:
Barb, Mary W, Jan, Anne,
Sandy M, and Amy.


On the walk home from work
(when I take the road instead of the woods) . . .
(( and after some PhotoShop fun ))

Here's what has been in front of me at dinner
ever since Vince brought in his handmade table
a couple of months ago and I just saw it tonight . . .
a pet collie of my very own.

Meals for the week:
Sloppy Joes
Sauteed Zucchini and Fettuccine
Spicy Potato Soup


This is what happens when an egg
maneuvers around the parmesan and ricotta cheeses
in an escape attempt . . .
overseen by a curious toddler . . .

all while making lasagna for dinner . . .

[modified No-Boil Classic from Creamette box]
Serves 6 people per baking dish.

1    16 oz    ricotta cheese
½   cup       grated Parmesan Cheese
2                eggs
2   26 oz jars    Prego spaghetti sauce
½   box      Creamette lasagna
1    lb         groung sausage
4   cups      shredded mozzarella cheese
chopped parsley

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cook sausage in skillet until done; drain.
Add ½ cup water to the spaghetti sauce.
Combine ricotta, parmesan, and eggs; mix well.

Layer in each of 2 baking dishes:
  ¼ of total sauce/water
  ¼ of total cooked and drained sausage
  3-4 lasagna noodles
  ¼ of total cheese/egg mixture
  ¼ of total shredded mozzarella

Repeat layers.
Top with parsley.
[ Note:  I usually let one baking dish remain unbaked,
      covered tightly, labeled, and frozen for later meal ]
Cover tightly; bake 1+ hour.
Let stand 15 minutes before serving.


Last night was Sophia's birthday party.
Sophia is thinking a lot about her wish . . .

Ian happy to be playing with Sophia's new Legos . . .

Matt checking out what Ian is building . . .

Amy and Jen enjoying each other's company . . .

Anne is home from IU . . .

I'm showing Taylor my camera
and taking our reflection, too . . .