2011.04.23 Changes . . .

. . . are coming to this blog.
In the next few weeks, I'll be adding . . .
     full-resolution give-aways of my Blessings cards ~ see some here: Picasa - Blessings Cards 1-25
          (there are 75 total in three separate Picasa albums)
     simple bookkeeping help for small businesses and individuals
     simple ideas from my life to de-clutter, organize, and simplify
     organizing and simplifying ideas from other blogs
I considered having three separate blogs:  personal, simplifying/organizing, and bookkeeping
and then I realized the complicated task of managing and posting to three separate blogs.
Complicated, not simple.
So, I'll be using labels to distinguish between the posts.
My mission statement will now apply to my web-life, too:
     "Bless and simplify the daily lives of others."
I hope you enjoy, use, and are blessed by the changes.