2011.09.30 Food Rules by Michael Pollan

Sub-title:  An Eater's Manual

A simple, short book with succinct rules for eating
(although the first one isn't as obvious as it appears) . . .
1.  Eat food.
2.  Not too much.
3.  Mostly plants.
Great, easy read for those who just want the basics.

Once again, thanks, Amy.


2011.09.26 Antiquing Day

Last Saturday was the 11th annual . . .

Actually, this may be more than the 11th annual Antiquing Day,
but 2000 is the earliest photo we have.

Pictured:  Julia, Peg, me, jan, Jane


2011.09.23 More PSE texture play

(textures:  The CoffeeShop Blog Cross Process and Orton)

(textures:  Shadowhouse Creations PaintSet 7 and RaisedEffect 1)

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2011.09.22 The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan

Like food?
Like controversy?
Like feeling knowledgeable?

Then this book is for you.

The hardback is 411 pages of information.
The first half reads like a textbook, the last half more like an adventure story.

All of it, however, is interesting.
And possibly more than you ever wanted to know about where your food comes from.
Beware; after reading even part of this book, you will think differently about your food and its sources.
More aware, more questioning, more thoughtful.
Changes in what you purchase and from whom you purchase it are likely.

Here is a link to a summary (just the first part of the entire page):
enotes: The Omnivore's Dilemma

You also might want to read Wikipedia and the Controversy section:
Wikipedia: The Omnivore's Dilemma

Thanks, Amy, for the recommendation.


2011.09.21 Camping at Paynetown

Another camping weekend,
relaxing and being in the "now".

We again used the Papoose camper . . .

We took a walk to the lake's edge . . . 

and saw a painted turtle . . .

The trail from our campsite to the lake passed near this huge tree.
It was very close to our campsite.
The tree had a problem; well, not the tree exactly.
There was a nest of hornets at the base on the opposite side from Vince
which he "discovered" when posing for this photo . . .

The campers next to us had notified the rangers about the nest.
One of them had been stung the evening before.

The rangers said the hornets were about 2" long,
usually have about 700 hornets to a hive,
and can sting repeatedly, without provocation.

When the rangers returned at midnight to destroy the nest,
they said that when they were close to the base of the tree,
it sounded like a weed-eater engine inside the entrance/exit hole.

Sunday morning, it was drizzling.
The evening before, we had moved the picnic table and chairs underneath the awning.

When we camp, Vince does all the cooking and cleanup
and even the shopping for food and supplies
(yes, I know how lucky I am) . . .

I worked on my vacation scrapbook album at the picnic table
on Saturday afternoon
and again on Sunday, this time while inside the camper.

It only took another hour to finish it on Sunday afternoon at home.
Yippee!  It's done!


2011.09.20 Quote

Tamarisk had once said that people liked those for whom they had done good turns
because every time they looked at them they thought how good they themselves were.
~ Seven for a Secret by Victoria Holt

Hmmmm . . .


2011.09.15 Vintage Cars

When Vince and I went for a drive last weekend,
the goal was to visit a couple of car shows.
I want to photograph old or vintage or rusted vehicles,
but since finding those is so unpredictable,
I was settling for classic car shows.

One show only had a handful of cars,
so we drove to the next one
only to find the entire fairgrounds was empty.
We could only guess why.

Giving up on the idea, we headed to Lake Monroe to camp.

And, then,
we pass a parking lot in a small town
with 20+ (!!!!)

Wow . . . just what I wanted.
We know Who gets the thanks for this.

Just the beginning . . .


2011.09.14 Camping at Hardin Ridge

Vince and I left Saturday for a drive and
ended up at the Hardin Ridge Recreation Area on Lake Monroe . . .

Vince's camper worked great!

He does a quick setup of the awning and it's ready . . .

The swimming beach is enclosed with a sea wall
and the view across the lake is to Four Winds Marina . . .

We spent a relaxing evening around the campfire . . .

We'll be returning to Hardin Ridge.


2011.09.08 More rainbows for jan . . .

I was in total play mode the other evening
and fell in love again with the Glowing Edges filter.

Another food, 15 beans for making soup . . .

and some architecture ones . . .

and a curb decoration (a large, bright red, concrete ball)
which has a smiley face . . .

2011.09.08 Updated Pages

Both "Altered Photos" and "Recommended Books"
are updated.


2011.09.05 Gathering at the Big Barn

It started off innocently enough with an invitation by Vince
to Annette and Sara to meet at the Big Barn so they could ride horses.

It ended with:
2 babies
2 horses
5 dogs
9 kids
29 adults



2011.09.01 Library painting and shelves - done!

Way back in June,
I posted my plans to paint just one wall in the library / playroom . . .

The wall color was a pale green
and the shelves looked like this:

I painted the wall a pretty orange
to match the background on the "V" in the LOVE ceramic coasters.
The existing green was a pale version of the "L" background.

And, even though the painting was done the first of July,
the wall remained bare of shelves.

Once the old shelves were down, I thought a new color needed a new look.
After figuring out what kind of shelves I wanted,
I found them at Michael's - black, 42 inches, $30.

Wanting to get them hung today, and since everyone was gone (unusual!),
I figured out where I wanted to hang them
by taking a photo of the wall and photoshopping in black rectangles.
I tried several arrangements and liked this one best . . .

Here is the reality . . .

Vince had told me the best way to hang shelves so they would be level
and I was helped A LOT by the discovery that the shelves had . . .