2011.04.14 Lower-carb eating . . . part 4

Just as at the beginning many lifestyle changes, eating fewer carbs starts with a list of "don'ts".
don't eat potatoes.
don't eat white rice.
don't eat corn.
don't eat anything made with white flour.
don't eat anything made with corn meal.
don't eat anything made with sugar.
don't eat...
don't eat...

Whoa!  What can i eat?
As it turns out, lots of things.
Lots of foods that are really healthful for my body.
Reading online about low-carb diets may produce quite a few scare tactics
     about the dangers of low-carb eating.
As if I'm going to replace the foods I'm not-eating with a bunch of foods which are unhealthful.

What we are eating?
More veggies.
More veggies.
More veggies.