2011.04.12 Lower-carb eating . . . part 3

Unexpected side effects.
IF these changes actually are side effects of low-carb eating, that is.
I don't really know.
What I do know is that these things started after
we changed our eating habits.

I drink more liquid, mostly iced tea.
Maybe I'm just recognizing thirst as thirst and before I thought I was hungry?

I used to be hungry (and eat) every 3 hours or so.
I wasn't particularly overweight.
I usually didn't eat lots of food each meal or snack.
But, every 3 hours, there is was again . . . hunger.
Now, it's 5 hours or so before I get hungry.

Minimal intestinal gas; no heartburn.

 I'm warmer.
For as long as I can remember, I've been "cold-natured".
Everyone else in the room would be temperature-comfortable
and so would I, but I would be wearing a sweater
or have a throw or comforter on my lap.
Not anymore.

This may be an amazing coincidence,
but I haven't had a sinus headache since we began.
I had my first sinus headache decades ago and
they regularly happen, usually triggered by a quick weather change.
Storm front moving in?  My head knows 24 hours in advance.
Sometimes the headaches are just annoying,
other times I become non-functioning for a morning or an entire day.
So, maybe just a coincidence . . .
but not a single headache in 5 weeks.
in Indiana?  in the springtime?
This has NEVER happened before.
I could wake tomorrow with pain.  Or not.

There may be other side effects which I haven't yet recognized.
Oh, yeah . . . my energy level?
It's good.