2011.04.21 Last night, I dreamed . . .

Thirty years ago, I was an avid amateur photographer.
Before the digital photography era, I used a Nikon F2 and had a darkroom.
For 10 years, it was my passion.  Then, the passion faded.  It happens.

In the summer of 2006,
I was given Anne's point-and-shoot digital camera when she upgraded to a DSLR.

To encourage myself to learn this new technology, I started a Project365 in 2007 ~
     daily photographs which needed to be printed, displayed, or blogged.  My choice.
(see the tab at the top of this blog "Previous Project365s/Project52s)

The photography passion came back.
In the last few weeks, I've been mildly toying with the idea of buying a DSLR.
My current point-and-shoot is almost 3 years old.  My phone is just a phone.
There are pros and cons to buying and owning a DSLR.

Last night, I dreamed I owned a DSLR, was using it, and loved it.  Loved it.
This is significant because I am a very sound sleeper
     and will only remember a dream once or twice a year.
So . . . last night, I dreamed . . .