2012.02.25 Skull and antlers

Vince is building a custom coffee table
incorporating a deer skull and antlers from the customer.
Here is skull to be used . . .

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2012.02.24 Homemade coffee creamer and more . . .

So, I'm doing a little blog-hopping this morning
before I do the taxes for our two S Corps.
I definitely need some playtime first.

I'm reading the most recent post at Lazy J Bar C Farm
when I notice this link to Homemade Coffee Creamer in the sidebar.
Most everyone in my family likes flavored coffee creamers.
This post led me to this site:  Deliciously Organic.

We've been moving towards organic after reading
The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan.
(Thanks to Amy of Amy's Happy Critters for choosing this book for book group.)

Anyway...check out the Deliciously Organic site

And, keeping in the mood for the day, here are some photos of organic eggs.
I couldn't resist the shadows created with the plastic carton and the morning light.
Of course, it's much too hard for me to just have a SOOC photo,
so the photos have been processed with Topaz's Adjust5.
The plastic carton is made from corn and is #1 recyclable!

Topaz Adjust5 Adjust4Spicify /  Shadowhouse Creations  NF1 texture )

Topaz Adjust5 Stylized GrungeMeDesaturated )

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2012.02.23 Gotta love Pixlr-o-matic

A quick (fun!) edit with Pixlr-o-matic using Bob and Worn and Dirt . . .

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2012.02.23 Cyber red tape

Thank you . . .
to all of you who follow my blog.

I have been trying to individually send a "thank you" email
to each of you . . .
and instead,
I have become mired in cyber red tape.
A few of you may have received one,
and for the rest of you . . .
Thank you, too, for your support!
Since I seem to be going in circles of cyber red tape,
I am backing away from the computer
and waiting for a different time to attempt this.

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2012.02.20 Small Town Photos

More photos from that weekend drive.
These are all taken in Stinesville . . .
a wonderful small town with friendly people.

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2012.02.18 Breathe in . . .

 . . . because the anxiety I wrote about in my last blog post
is almost gone.

Although it has been a wonderfully busy and productive week,
I like blogging and miss it when there just isn't time for a post.

At least I have photos for play ... now that I have a bit of time.

Here are three photos from last weekend's country drive.
Each one has been processed so very differently from the others;
all were processed with my new toy, Topaz Adjust 5.

Just as it is when learning all post-processing methods or
when learning PhotoShop itself,
this one will take some time to figure out,
with so many, many, many choices,
but I'm having fun . . .

. . . and with publishing this blog post . . .
I can . . .
breathe out.
A n x i e t y   i s   g o n e

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2012.02.12 Anxiety induced by a lack of photos . .

to play with, to study, to process.
It's what I've been feeling for the last couple of weeks.
Anxious, uneasy, almost deprived.
A lack of photos.
It's the same feeling I get when I don't have unread books.

Although I'm not a fan of snowy landscapes,
there are lots of photo opportunities with snow.
This year . . . almost no snow (that's a yippee! from me).

Solution to the lack of photos . . .

Vince and I took a drive yesterday;
small towns are a gold mine for photos
if you like windows, doors, older buildings, ponds,
and details, details, details.
I do.

My "camera downloads" folder now has 70+ photos; yippee, again!

Until I get to those photos,
here are two photos of frosty leaves taken in desperation last week . . .
Coffee Shop Splendor B&W action /   Coffee Shop Orton  action ]

Coffee Shop Mocha Velvet B&W action /    Kim Klassen  Revolution colorburn ]

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2012.02.07 Foggy morn . . .

. . . leaving for work, but I had to stop at the end of the road . . . for this . . .

Looking east . . .
 [ Pixel Dust Wicked colordodge ]

. . . and looking west . . .
Coffee Shop Splendor B&W action / Pixel Dust Gauze Sheers overlay25 /  Pixel Dust  Wicked colordodge100 ]

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2012.02.04 New website address . . .

. . . but you don't have to change anything . . . still works
and directs automatically to the new website address
which is . . .

In January of 2011,
I stopped using my initial blog arrange whatever pieces come your way
and switched to this blog.

"Arrange whatever pieces come your way" is a Virginia Woolf quote.
It also works as a six word memoir.

I may be using this Virginia Woolf quote for the title on this blog.
New year = new way of seeing.

I may also include all the posts (453) from that first blog in this one.
Blogger is supposed to combine blogs seamlessly.
Although the Comments will be lost :(

Again, you don't have to change anything to get here.

Thanks for reading though this explanation.
For you . . . 
 Kim Klassen Providence linearburn / Pixel DustGauze Sheer overlay / PSE vignette

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2012.02.02 Me . . . playing

 Pixel Dust Photo Art Blue Me Away multiply / PSE vignette

Pixel Dust Photo Art Abstract Scratches overlay / Pixel Dust Photo Art Chinks of Light colorburn 37%
Pixel Dust Photo Art Old Master Dust overlay

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