2011.06.29 My autobiography could be called . . .


I have tried keeping lists (and calendars)
in day planners,
on computers,
on my phone-which-is-just-a-phone.

Nothing seems to work for me
as well as a plain notebook - well, two actually.

One is a standard size notebook.
It gets the longer-term ideas, financial planning thoughts,
book quotes, and the occasional book synopsis.
It also has my list of blog post ideas
and a few posts which arrive full-blown and just need to be written out
(like this one).

The second one is a smaller one which is carried in my purse.
It functions mostly as a to-do list, things to look up,
names and addresses and websites to remember,
ideas or thoughts to be added to the larger notebook.
There is no order to what is listed
or where
and so it is a jumble,
but things are usually marked off quickly.

Recently, I needed some organization to everything
which had accumulated in the small notebook.

I pulled out some large orange post-it notes and started dividing into categories:
more important,
fun to do but not really important,
minor maintenance,
things I can do in the evening while relaxing.

After just a few days, most of the items on the orange post-its are done.

Of course,
the items in the little notebook still keep growing . . . and growing . . . and growing . . .