2011.06.22 Painting one wall in the library / playroom . . .

. . . and the color will probably be the peach/rose color
in the background of the "V" bird coaster.

I bought a couple of samples yesterday, will paint test areas today,
and get opinions from everyone who lives here or stops in.

Why only one wall?

1.  the paint on the other three walls is still in good shape,
2.  those other three walls contain lots and lots of shelves
and I would have to paint (trim) inside each!,
3.  we all still like the pale green color,
4.  I don't want to try to match the pale green,
5.  the wall to be painted has sun fading from posters and such,
6.  it also has lots of nail holes and dings,
7.  I'm taking the easy way keeping it simple!