2011.06.04 Synergy

synergy:   the working together of two things (...) to produce an effect greater than
the sum of their individual effects
from definr, incredibly fast dictionary

To devote time and energy to the things which excite you,
you may need to remove yourself from things you are currently doing ---
however, don't drop activities/people from which you derive inspiration or ideas
or those things which are energy-inducing.

We all have activities/people that, when we leave, we feel energized,
ready to dive back into our own projects, renewed.
People with passionate ideas fuel a synergistic energy with our own passionate activities.

Have you ever left a gathering or a workplace and felt drained?
When sleep was the only thing you felt capable of doing?

Have you done the opposite?
Left and can't wait to get to your own projects, art, blog, writing?

I've done both.
And now I consciously test my feelings.
Am I energized, excited?
Or dragging?

How should I be spending my time?

How should you be spending yours?