2011.06.23 A job done imperfectly . . .

One of the minor maintenance things on my current to-do list
was to transplant the bulbs from three pots of hyacinths
which were purchased and enjoyed indoors this past spring.

They "might" bloom in the garden next year,
so instead of tossing them out,
I wanted to spend a few minutes planting them.
Well worth 15 minutes if they bloom next spring and
we all can enjoy their beauty and scent again.

After planting them, I noticed some weeds
where the gravel drive meets the front walk (also gravel).
I pulled them.
Some came out with roots, some without.
Other weeds which were not at the entrance to the front walk,
I ignored totally.

Did I weed perfectly?
But the entrance looks better,
and a job done imperfectly . . .

is still a job done.

Many times, good enough . . . is good enough.