2011-06-10 Tips and ideas - morning routine - and a question

One simple thing I do when I get ready
is set out all the things I will use after my shower.

I am NOT a morning person,
so having everything on the counter,
including jewelry,
simply means I won't forget anything,
such as lipstick, my only make-up.

I use Cover Girl's Outlast HERE -
I've used Plum Satin #880 for a long time.
For me, it truly lasts all day
(unless I eat barbecued ribs :)

Just a couple of ways I simplify my life . . . and hopefully, yours.

And, now for the question - actually two of them . . .

Last December, I had my ears pierced
and since then, I've accumulated 14 pairs of earrings.
Several have been gifts (many thanks!), but I've also bought quite a few.

Currently, the earrings are jumbled together in this small box . . .

My questions:
1.  How do you organize your pierced earrings???
2.  Do I give away my clip earrings?
Some of my clips I really like and don't have anything similar (yet) in pierced.

Let me know your advice!