2011.08.06 Mission Trip to the Crow Indian Reservation - part 4 and final

What a "typical" day was like . . .

The 22 of us were on 4 teams.
The teams rotated fixing breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The breakfast team served breakfast at 8 a.m. (or thereabouts).
When it was your turn to serve, you also cleaned up.

You went to your morning assignment
which could be Kids' Club in the park in the town of Crow Agency
or a construction assignment.
There were also other camp projects which kept the camp running smoothly.

The lunch team served about noon.
Then, off to afternoon assignments.
Dinner was at 6 p.m.

Evenings could be group activities at the camp,
the community Ice Cream Social,
the community Carnival,
or an evening church service.

The last evening activity was always a short praise service
and a debriefing.

The debriefing was fun and included lots of laughter.
Questions would be asked by our World Servants coordinator, Steve Suhi,
such as
"Who learned something new today?  What was it?"
"Who interacted with someone from the community?  How did it go?"
It was lively and definitely contributed to building our own group community.
There were amazing people on this trip.
There probably are on every mission trip.

We ended with a distribution of Barnabus notes.
Barnabus was Paul's encourager in the Bible.
Throughout the day and evening,
members of our team would write notes to other team members.
Slips of paper with starting phrases such as
"You were an encouragement to me when you ..."
"Today you made me smile when you ..."
"Today I saw you working hard for Jesus when you ..."
The notes were folded and your name was on the outside.
I always read mine in bed just before sleep.

So . . .
would I go on another mission trip?
Would Anne?

What would I tell you if you were thinking about going on any mission trip?
The same thing my sister, jan, told me before Anne and I signed up.