2011.08.06 Mission Trip to the Crow Indian Reservation - part 1

Who and what:
Anne and I went on a mission trip to
the Crow Indian Reservation
from Sunday, July 31 through Saturday, August 6.

In May, Anne and I talked about our mutual interest in going on a mission trip.
We didn't have anything specific in mind.
Just something we would pray about.
The first week of June, I attended the annual Home Educators' convention.
Immediately outside the entrance to the Vendors' Hall
was a booth for World Servants.
The banner:  "Serving changes everything.  Lead the way."
Lead the way . . . well, okay then.

I've read quite a bit lately about getting outside your (personal) comfort zone.
This was definitely outside my comfort zone.
Committing to a week of
living with strangers,
unfamiliar living accommodations,
no computers,
very limited cell phone use,
relating to a people with a very different cultural background.

And me, an introvert.  Hmmmm . . .

What we (the World Servant team) worked on during the week:
Kids' Club (like vacation Bible school) each morning in the park,
a nursing home visit,
community Ice Cream Social one evening,
community Carnival one evening,
construction projects.

The construction projects (with one exception) focused on
the permanent mission campground.
The previous campground had become much too small,
so a new campground was underway for this and future
World Servant teams as well as other mission teams.
All mission work is supervised by Four Square Church in Crow Agency, Montana.

Kids' Club . . .

Nursing home afternoon . . .

Serving ice cream at the Social . . .