2011.08.06 Mission Trip to the Crow Indian Reservation - part 3

The most important thing I learned . . .
building relationships and trust
than any actual project or activity.

I figure this applies to life as well as mission trips.

World Servants uses a Learner / Servant / Storyteller model
for interacting with others while on a mission trip.

I figure this applies to life as well.

1st - Learner
"Learn about others by observing and listening rather than teaching others
by imposing what you think you already know is 'right' and 'superior'".

2nd - Servant
"Serve alongside others to help them accomplish their goals
rather than leading others to accomplish your goals".

3rd - Storyteller
"Tell your own personal story rather than preaching
someone else's story, ideas, or theories".

Specifics to the Crow Indian peoples . . .
ask before taking photographs,
let the other lead in interactions,
do not compliment something they have or are wearing
(as they may feel compelled to give it to you),
do not make promises of any kind.

 At the carnival . . .

Craig saying "Good-byeà la M*A*S*H . . .