2011.07.30 Saturday / Day 7 of vacation

Today, we had an easy driving day
just going from Pine Creek to Billings, Montana.
No agenda.
Except laundry.

This is Livingston, Montana . . .

We spent some time meandering and shopping here.
There was a great thrift shop where Anne spent $9.25
for a huge bag of clothes and shoes
(which she sent home with Vince).

Bonnifide Designs was a handmade jewelry store
with shop dogs and cats to play with and pet.
The owner had rescued all of them
and most had some sort of a physical trauma (like a missing leg).
The owner and the animals were all sweethearts.

During the trip, one of us would sound the alarm, "Dog alert!"
meaning there was a dog close-by to pet and love on.
It's what happens when people with pets go on vacation without their companions.

The bookstore (Conley's Books & Music) had a large, used book section
in the back half of the store.  Yippee!
We all bought books.

We spent a couple of hours in the Billing's Cabela's.
This is me being distracted while Anne is taking our photo . . .

This is a volunteer taking our photo . . .

Due to an Exxon oil spill in a pipeline under the Yellowstone River in early July,
motel rooms in Billings were somewhat scarce.
There were lots of oil-spill-cleanup workers staying in Billings.

Doing laundry that evening at the hotel
provided behind-the-scenes information
because several of the workers were doing their laundry
on Saturday evening also.

We had a quiet evening at the hotel with delivery pizza.
(I love pizza!)

Today was a relaxing 127 miles.
Tomorrow is the beginning of the mission trip.