2011.07.23 My camera(s) quest . . .

. . . is over.

"Know thyself" ~ ascribed to Socrates

A week ago, I purchased a Nikon D5100.
This is a small step up from Nikon's most basic DSLR.
I also bought a Canon PowerShot A2200,
a low-end point-and-shoot to keep in my purse.

I tested both.

The Nikon took fine photos and I have the potential to print at large sizes . . .

However, here is a similar photo from the Canon . . .

That camera dilemma I've been contemplating off and on for months . . .
do the advantages of a DSLR
the advantages of a point-and-shoot?

My final answer?
For me . . . no.

On Thursday, I returned the DSLR.
Kept the small Canon (it is truly pocket-size; smaller than a smart phone).

And, I bought the display model of a Canon point-and-shoot
which is the one I had selected to replace my previous (dying) Canon
but couldn't find in stock (4 stores).

It's a PowerShot SX130 IS.
$200 well, well spent.

I'm happy.
And, the dilemma is settled.