2011.07.26 Tuesday / Day 3 of vacation

We left Estes Park, Colorado at an elevation of 8200 feet
with cloudy skies and a temperature just below 70°
and drove into Rocky Mountain National Park.

We made multiple stops within the park.
The upper elevations are an alpine ecosystem
and the elevation at the Alpine Visitor Center is 11,796 feet.
The temperature was 52°.

Vince wanted to throw a snowball . . .

The next two photos were taken from the balcony of the Alpine Visitors Center.
In the first photo, look at the snow area just below and to the right of center . . .

The second photo shows a closer view.
Look at the trees around the snow area; these are full-size trees.
Now look back at the first photo; this is a HUGE area.
What a view!
So, so different than Indiana.

In several places, there were herds of elk . . .

After leaving the park, we drove through Steamboat Springs, Colorado
on our way to today's destination of Rock Springs, Wyoming.
Total miles today was 354.

We encountered our only road construction delay of the trip,
but it gave us time (13 minutes) to stretch and photograph . . .

We also drove through an intense rainstorm,
the kind when you are thinking about pulling off the road.
Total elapsed time was about 5 minutes.

And, if you are wondering how I know the mileage, temperatures,
elapsed times, and other trivia . . .
I kept a log.
I hadn't intended to do this,
but it gave me something to do in the backseat
which is where I spent most of my riding time.
(I nested there.)

A couple of final photos from the afternoon ride . . .

After we left Rocky Mountain National Park,
I asked Vince and Anne for their thoughts:
Vince:  overwhelmingly large
Anne:  So much to do, I wanted to do it all.

[some photos by Anne]