2011.07.04 Quotes - "Golfing with God" / Roland Merullo

Unworthy.  Later, I would learn something about that kind of shame:  It is exactly that feeling, exactly that sense of unworthiness that forms the fertile ground from which most spiritual troubles sprout.  Trite as it may sound, the fact is that the Being that created us loves us, approves of us, expects the best from us - to steal a phrase from a fellow named Walt Whitman.  So often in the whirl of earth, amidst the complexities of family life and our professional ambitions, we lose sight of that existential approval.  We turn away from that love.

(God:)  "Let's put it this way:  Everything is given to you.  Everything.  Everything is a gift - the sun, your breath, your food, your capacity for wonder, even the possibility of union with God.  And well, let's just say I hear a lot more, 'Please, could you just do this one thing?' than I hear 'Thank you.'"

Roland Merullo ~ Golfing with God, A Novel of Heaven and Earth