2012.02.18 Breathe in . . .

 . . . because the anxiety I wrote about in my last blog post
is almost gone.

Although it has been a wonderfully busy and productive week,
I like blogging and miss it when there just isn't time for a post.

At least I have photos for play ... now that I have a bit of time.

Here are three photos from last weekend's country drive.
Each one has been processed so very differently from the others;
all were processed with my new toy, Topaz Adjust 5.

Just as it is when learning all post-processing methods or
when learning PhotoShop itself,
this one will take some time to figure out,
with so many, many, many choices,
but I'm having fun . . .

. . . and with publishing this blog post . . .
I can . . .
breathe out.
A n x i e t y   i s   g o n e

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