2012.02.12 Anxiety induced by a lack of photos . .

to play with, to study, to process.
It's what I've been feeling for the last couple of weeks.
Anxious, uneasy, almost deprived.
A lack of photos.
It's the same feeling I get when I don't have unread books.

Although I'm not a fan of snowy landscapes,
there are lots of photo opportunities with snow.
This year . . . almost no snow (that's a yippee! from me).

Solution to the lack of photos . . .

Vince and I took a drive yesterday;
small towns are a gold mine for photos
if you like windows, doors, older buildings, ponds,
and details, details, details.
I do.

My "camera downloads" folder now has 70+ photos; yippee, again!

Until I get to those photos,
here are two photos of frosty leaves taken in desperation last week . . .
Coffee Shop Splendor B&W action /   Coffee Shop Orton  action ]

Coffee Shop Mocha Velvet B&W action /    Kim Klassen  Revolution colorburn ]

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