2011.11.22 PSE indecision

We had a hard frost a week ago (brrrr),
so I took my camera on my mailbox walk
and shot some frosty photos on the way to and from.
One of the photos captured my attention . . .

It's mostly some shriveled hosta leaves on a walnut stump.

I liked the photo . . . the colors, the frost, the decay, the composition.

But, when I added textures . . . oh, my.
And that's where the indecision appeared.
Usually, one texture or one blending mode outshines all the others.
Not here.
And not my usual choices of saturated colors.

The results of my PSE indecision . . .
 (Kim Klassen AutumnBurst hardlight100)

  (Kim Klassen Mayzee exclusion100)

  (Kim Klassen Mayzee hue100)

  (Kim Klassen Mayzee linearlight100)

  (Kim Klassen Paper1 color100)

 (PictureSpeak blog by Roshanda Glenn TexturedSlate lighten100)

All textures except the last one are by Kim Klassen.
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