2011.11.17 Finding joy in . . .

. . . excellent books.

My two most recent reads,
get the highest recommendations from me.

The first one is fiction; The Book Thief is set in Nazi Germany.
However depressing this topic usually is,
this book is extraordinary
and, somehow, positive.
The writing itself is different,
with thought-provoking uses of words,
a stylized text,
the narrator . . . well, the narrator is Death.
It is published as a Young Adult book,
but this book is for everyone interested in human nature.
Please don't let the setting keep you from reading it.

The second book is non-fiction.
My Stoke of Insight is written by a brain scientist
(Harvard and the Indiana University School of Medicine)
who had a stroke at age 37.
The book is amazingly readable
and details the biology of the brain,
her first hours when she realizes she is having a stroke,
and her 8-year recovery.
Everyone should read this book.

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