2011.11.18 Water Study á la Monet

Using Pixel Dust's Wicked texture . . .

Thank you, Bonnie.
I LOVE this texture.

At Bonnie's request, here is my "go-to" editing procedure in PSE:
Adjust levels if necessary.
Boost contrast if I think the photo needs it.
Add a texture.
Test and select a blending mode.
Vignette if desired.
[ I use PSE's Correct Camera Distortion filter as the easiest way to vignette. ]
Save as a new file with the filename reflecting the textures and actions used.

And, a hint which I discovered by accident . . .
to see how various blending modes affect the texture,
select the first one with the mouse
and then use the cursor up and down keys to scroll through the blending modes.

Hint #2 which I learned on the web . . .
to see the effect of all the various layers on the original photo,
click the "eyeball" off on the original photo (the Background layer)
WHILE holding down the alt key (on a PC).
Doing this effectively turns off all the layers except the Background
so you can compare the original photo to the altered photo
with only one click.
Click the Background's eyeball again to "see" all the other layers again.

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