2011.05.30 Lower-carb eating, annual checkup

My primary reason for changing my diet
to lower-carb was to see the effect
on my blood pressure and
cholesterol levels.
I have been on minimum doses of
high-blood pressure and elevated cholesterol
medications since November 2003.
I fought using medications
by exercising regularly for 6 months.
My cholesterol levels worsened.
Go figure; heredity won.

My blood pressure and cholesterol levels have been tested each May since 2004.
They have stabilized and everything tests at a "good" level.
I would love to eliminate the medications completely.

The results of this year's tests were great.
My blood pressure was 104/72 (at the doctor's office)
and all the numbers in the cholesterol panel are good or excellent.
But, not good enough to stop the medications :(

I'm continuing to eat lower-carb though
because of these benefits and others I've mentioned previously.