2011.05.10 Lower-carb eating . . . at 2 months

We are loving our new eating style.
Lots of fruits and veggies since this is not a "low-carb" way of eating.
"Low-carb" aims for no more than 20 grams of net-carbs (carb grams less fiber grams) a day.
We aren't restricting fruits or veggies except that we don't eat potatoes and very little corn.
What have we cut out?
Most all of the refined, highly-processed carb foods such as pasta, rice, breads, crackers.
And, sweets are almost totally gone.  Almost.
"Almost" makes it much easier than to try for "none".
Overall, our eating habits are much more healthful than prior to this change.

Vince is at 5 pounds total loss, I'm at 7 pounds lost,
and Theresa is at 12 pounds lost.  Yeah, Theresa!
We will never actually know for John since he didn't take an initial weight.
But, he's still losing.  He's also switched his work lunches to lower-carb.

We continue.