2011.05.14 Spring Garden Maintenance

Every morning this week,
I spent 30 to 90 minutes in the garden for spring clean-up.

I've found that when I wait for the "right day"
(reasonable temperature, minimal rain/hail/wind, a day off of work)
the gardening will wait . . . and wait . . . and wait . . .

So every morning this week,
I put on gardening clothes and stepped outside.
My work day started after that morning's bit of gardening was done.

I simplified the garden areas when I knew my kids would be leaving and my "free" help would be gone.
(Little did I know, none would go very far :)
For the last decade, the garden has only shrubs, grasses, and perennial flowers.

Some have grown to overlap others; many have open space around them.

Planning ahead for a simplified landscape,
we removed the fenced area which had previously been raised beds for vegetables and annuals.

The fenced area in early spring 2002 . . .

 Other perennial beds were reduced in size or eliminated.  
This triangle bed in the center of the front garden, again in early spring 2002 . . .
was eliminated in 2009 . . .

Although we still have several perennial beds,
minimal maintenance keeps gardening enjoyable.

More soon on which plants I think are the best value = beautiful + easy maintenance.