2011.05.07 Being positive, staying positive

For most of this year, I've woken up in a good mood.
Happy.  Excited to start my day.
I don't think I'm usually a "down" kind of person;
but, this is so much better than just waking up in neutral.

"What's changed?", you ask.

Several things.  Physical, spiritual, and mental things.

1.  Physical - living in the Midwest in winter = gray days, roads with snow/ice, coldness.  I SO don't like winter.  I yearn for warm climates and sunshine.  Mostly sunshine.  Which led me to a conclusion - maybe I'm lacking in Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin.  Until a few years ago, I drank milk.  Now, it's rare.
So, I started taking a multi-vitamin for older women.

2.  Spiritual - I can't listen to loud (how I like it) music when I work at home or at work.  Even when I'm alone, it's too distracting for me mentally.  I've started listening to praise music: in the car, at home, at both work sites.  I just let it play quietly in the background.
This is keeping my focus where it should be:  on others and God, not on me.

3.  Mental - I decided to be in a good mood.  Literally decided.  Maybe this decision happened because of the positive effects of the vitamins and praise music.  Maybe not.
I read.  A lot.
And, some other people think also you can just make being in a good mood a choice you make.
Every day.  So I have.

4.  Physical - sometimes, smiling inside and out is the result of something you do  :)
So, today, I cut my hair ~ this is usual, although sometimes others help or do this for me.
     (see this blog post ~ Anne cuts my hair).
I had started to look like I could fly because of the wings on the sides of my head.
Why do I always wait until I'm desperate?
No idea, but I pulled out the hair clippers and scissors this morning.
I thought I would post a photo.  Ha!  Below are the results of my attempts at self-portraiture.
There isn't any cropping on the left and right photos.
Not good.  Except for a laugh.  Which is also a great way to lift your mood :)