2012.05.17 Missing you . . .

Remember lunches like this?

It would be errand day, just you and me,
and we'd treat ourselves (me?) to pizza
and reading and note-taking and doodling.
Miss you.

Even though you haven't lived at home for a while,
college was only 45 minutes away,
so we could have some face time every couple of weeks.
Miss you.

We would wander the streets and visit your favorite vintage stores.
(Now, my favorites, too.)
Stop for coffee at an outdoor cafe, people-watch for a while.
You introduced me to the fair trade store (earrings!).
I could take photos and you never minded the waiting,
but encouraged me and pointed things out that I would be interested in . . .

Miss you.

Easy conversations about what was going on in our daily lives.
Today, I'm doing laundry, bookkeeping, working at the mission this evening.
I'm wearing a pair of jeans you helped me pick out at Goodwill.
Also the fish earrings you bought for me.
You are somewhere in Utah, heading for your job in Oregon.
Miss you.