2012.05.04 Drawn to decay

I'm not sure why.

Maybe . . .
I love the contrast between what was and what is . . .
the abstract appearance . . .
the unstoppability of time . . .

These four photos are from one long wall of a building.
The first two have processing using Topaz Labs,
the third one has a PSE filter,
and the last one uses Coffee Shop's Ice Pop action.

Linked to:  Photo Art Friday at Pixel Dust
Bonnie's challenge this week was to illustrate the title of a favorite book.
Luckily, she always includes the option to link up any piece of photo art.
I could not figure out a photo to illustrate a (favorite) book title,
so, I took the second option :)
If you can think of a book title which these photos illustrate,
please leave the title in a comment!  Thanks!