2011.09.21 Camping at Paynetown

Another camping weekend,
relaxing and being in the "now".

We again used the Papoose camper . . .

We took a walk to the lake's edge . . . 

and saw a painted turtle . . .

The trail from our campsite to the lake passed near this huge tree.
It was very close to our campsite.
The tree had a problem; well, not the tree exactly.
There was a nest of hornets at the base on the opposite side from Vince
which he "discovered" when posing for this photo . . .

The campers next to us had notified the rangers about the nest.
One of them had been stung the evening before.

The rangers said the hornets were about 2" long,
usually have about 700 hornets to a hive,
and can sting repeatedly, without provocation.

When the rangers returned at midnight to destroy the nest,
they said that when they were close to the base of the tree,
it sounded like a weed-eater engine inside the entrance/exit hole.

Sunday morning, it was drizzling.
The evening before, we had moved the picnic table and chairs underneath the awning.

When we camp, Vince does all the cooking and cleanup
and even the shopping for food and supplies
(yes, I know how lucky I am) . . .

I worked on my vacation scrapbook album at the picnic table
on Saturday afternoon
and again on Sunday, this time while inside the camper.

It only took another hour to finish it on Sunday afternoon at home.
Yippee!  It's done!