2011.09.01 Library painting and shelves - done!

Way back in June,
I posted my plans to paint just one wall in the library / playroom . . .

The wall color was a pale green
and the shelves looked like this:

I painted the wall a pretty orange
to match the background on the "V" in the LOVE ceramic coasters.
The existing green was a pale version of the "L" background.

And, even though the painting was done the first of July,
the wall remained bare of shelves.

Once the old shelves were down, I thought a new color needed a new look.
After figuring out what kind of shelves I wanted,
I found them at Michael's - black, 42 inches, $30.

Wanting to get them hung today, and since everyone was gone (unusual!),
I figured out where I wanted to hang them
by taking a photo of the wall and photoshopping in black rectangles.
I tried several arrangements and liked this one best . . .

Here is the reality . . .

Vince had told me the best way to hang shelves so they would be level
and I was helped A LOT by the discovery that the shelves had . . .