Moses Mouse
Rest in Peace
Thanksgiving 2003 - August 24, 2010
[January 2006]

Moses was always just Mouse
until sometime after his 6th birthday
when Anne decided that anything living that long
needs a name.  Hence, Moses.

Just before Thanksgiving 2003,
Anne saved a small, hairless, pink mouse
from the mouth of Mama Kitty,
one of our barn cats.

Since that time, Moses has escaped his
inside cage several times.
We always re-captured him. (Whew!)

He was once mauled by one of the indoor cats.
Moses looked and acted dead.
Vince wrapped him in a cloth and
took him outside in preparation for burial.
Next thing Vince sees is the cloth move and
Moses jumping off the porch railing
to the ground 10 feet below.
Running, Vince finds Moses in the grass
and brings him back inside,
washes him gently,
and we all watch as a couple of days later
Moses is acting fine and running the wheel again.

Moses provided entertainment to our
indoor cats as they would lay,
sometimes on top of the cage,
and watch "Mouse TV".

He would come out of his burrow
if you tapped on the glass
because that meant food had been dropped in the cage.

He ate 3 Honey Nut Cheerios every morning
and 1 whole plain almond every evening.
Occasional fruits and veggies would be given to him.
He was always grateful and washed before eating.

We'll miss you, Moses.