2013.11.29 Project - recovering a footstool

What I've been up to ... recovering a footstool.

This is a footstool originally from Vince's Uncle Ray.
I have no idea how it came to us, but we've had it for decades.

I forgot to take a "before" photo,
but I still had the fabric so I laid it on the completed footstool.

An interesting note on the bottom of this stool
says that Uncle Ray re-covered it in 1981.
He must have used the gold and blue fabric I removed.
It feels "right" to update the things we already own,
especially when there is a family history.

It's a simple procedure to re-cover a footstool.
Here is my "how-to" ...
Remove the old fabric if you need to.
Usually the fabric is stapled or nailed to the bottom.
There may be decorative nails around the lower edge.
For this footstool, there were both nails in the bottom
and decorative nails along the lower edge.

Use a hammer (the prying end) to remove the nails on the bottom and
a prybar, hammer, and pliers to remove the decorative nails.

Using the removed fabric as a guide, cut the new fabric.
If you are adding fabric over the existing fabric,
turn the footstool upside down and add several inches all around the shape.
Tape (masking or painter's) the edges so the fabric won't fray.
If you have a sewing machine, run a stitched line around the edge instead.

Center the fabric and begin stapling.
Put one center staple on the long side,
then one center staple on the opposite long side,
then a center staple in each short side.
Pull somewhat tightly so the fabric is taut, but not over-stretched.

Turn the footstool over to check how it looks.
Turn it upside down again and begin adding staples.
Put one on each side of your first staple,
then on each side of your second staple,
then on each side of your centered staples on the short sides.

Turn it over for a visual check.
Keep adding staples a few at a time
until all the fabric on the bottom is stapled in place.
Fold the fabric around the legs as necessary.
Just use your judgement.