2013.11.23 Project - making new seats for dining room chairs

What I've been up to ...
covering the seats of 4 dining room chairs.

We have multiple tables for eating as well as crafts and projects.
One table seats 6, the other 8.
However, we don't have that many matching chairs.
So, we have 4 pine chairs, 6 oak chairs, and 4 chairs painted green with caned seats.
At least the green chairs used to have caned seats.
Each table has the natural chairs along the sides and two green chairs at the ends.

With the caning on the green chairs falling apart,
my daughter-in-law, Theresa, and I decided that upholstered seats would save our chairs.

Vince (husband) cut plywood bases for the new seats.
Theresa and I picked out fabric, two different, but coordinated kinds.
With some padding and a stapler, this is the result ...