2013.09.27 Five random facts about me

Linking up with A Rural Journal for Random Five Friday (five facts about me) ...
this week with a few pictures! ...

1.  I went to the zoo this week with my daughter-in-law, Theresa, and
my grandkids and friends.  I hadn't been there in many years and I had a wonderful time.
This is one of my favorite animals ... the polar bear ...
not my grandkids and friend ...
although at times, the kids do resemble monkeys.

2.  Indiana is still having moderately warm days and sunshine,
but the signs of fall are everywhere.

3.  I'm consciously spending less time on the computer, more time in reality.
And feeling better because of it.

4.  I bought the book Yoga for Life yesterday at Half-Price Books (only $2 ... yay!)
and you all can hold me accountable :)
I need to s-t-r-e-t-c-h myself out
of my folded-in-upon-itself body left from cancer treatment.

5.  I am still working on my Moleskin art journal for this year.
I promise to blog some more photos of the pages and my *super easy* way of doing it,
no photos required.
A couple of pages ...