I went searching for a cup hook to add to
the seven cup hooks already on the mantle.
Then I remembered that the toolbox has needed straightening
for a  l.o.n.g  time.

The toolbox and the supply box . . .

The toolbox had become a jumble of tools, parts,
and items of questionable value.

After a bit of work and a consultation with Vince,
the toolbox now contains only tools.
All the plumber, electrician and carpenter supplies
will be added to an existing box of similar things in the cellar.

The supply box only has items
which might be used by me
such as picture hanging supplies and felt protective pads.
The trash will be taken out.

The result . . . toolbox, box going to cellar,
supply box and trash bag in the back . . .

Why was I looking for a cup hook?
Because yesterday evening, I finished this . . .