I started thinking about the things I collect
after finding the blog A Collection a Day.

I have collections.  You probably do, too.
Sometimes we purposefully collect . . . 

sometimes we purposefully "uncollect"
(see the Great Santa Giveaway on December 15th of 2009),
and sometimes we are taken by surprise
that we have been unconsciously collecting.

I collect sets of 5 dice.
Playing Yahtzee was fun and a way to make learning enjoyable.
Probability, patterns, quick decision making.
It was easier if all players had their own dice.
I have dozens of sets and it's gotten difficult to find something different.
I still look.

I also collect blank books,
although I didn't realize I was actually collecting
until Anne pointed out that I love blank books,
but rarely actually write in them.
She told me I was collecting them.
She was right.
The feel, the colors, lines or graph or nothing.
They pick me, I think.

Nail polish - I ruthlessly keep these down to just a dozen or so;
they do go bad after a while.
My hands-down favorite:  Rimmel's Zeitgeist.
It looks bronzey-gold until you see it at an angle
and then it's a greenish-gold.  Wonderful effect.

Birds seem to be calling to me (no pun intended).
I only have a few.
I really do resist.

I started collecting tea cups 40 years ago.
I've stopped collecting,
but still have my original 15 and a few others.

Colored pens and pencils and markers - there is a gene for this.
I have it.
My sisters both have it.
My daughter has it.

All the items in my collections have a very low dollar value,
but they provide me with pleasure.
They make me smile.

And speaking of smiling,
I guess I also collect faces.  I have for years.
Family and friends send them to me (see sidebar Label "Faces").
[2012 Update - now combined into Label "Everyday Life"]

What do you collect?