Today was, and hopefully will continue to be,
a perfect day off of work.

I went to sleep last night listening to
a Christian radio station and
woke this morning with sweet songs in my head.

I made a quick drop-off at Churches in Mission
under these wondrous clouds and bluest of skies . . .
The clouds have been here all day . . . beautiful.

Then I went to out to lunch with Mary
and enjoyed great food (Panera Bread)
and even greater conversation.
This face found me while I was touring Mary and Dave's new motorhome . . .

Next stop was the used bookstore
where I still have LOTS of credit.
I bought 7 books,
no novels,
but some poetry, educational, a Joyce Meyers,
a devotional-type, photography,
and two non-fiction bestsellers.
Then I walked next door to the consignment store for women's clothing
and bought this great [purple] bag for toting books and stuff
when I'm out and about.

When I stopped for fuel,
I realized that I do love primary colors . . .

Back home, I sat on the porch swing,
two sleeping dogs nearby,
and finished the 7th novel in Jan Karon's Mitford series.
I'm re-reading the entire series
and it's just as good the second time,
maybe better.

"Dinner" - ha - will be a hodge-podge, no one home but me . . .

And, I plan to spend the evening on the couch 
surrounded by books and notebooks, tea, a bit of dark chocolate,
half-listening to the television and hopefully talking to Vince
when he checks in from Tennessee.

Today and everyday . . .
Soli deo gloria
To God alone be the glory.