From yesterday evening, a shadow . . .

A hodge-podge of today's activities:

Walking back from the barn after feeding the cats,
clouds over the house this morning . . .

I totally skipped my garden clean-up and maintenance
in August because it was just so-o-o-o hot.
This morning I made up for the missed deadheading in August
and then kept going in the early afternoon.
Probably won't have to do any more garden maintenance until October.

I discovered some Coral Bell seedlings growing in the gravel walk.
They were hidden by overhanging hosta.

I planted them in an area which I'm slowly re-doing . . .

And then found this a bit later . . .
Bad dog.  I found 4 of the 7 and replanted.
So far, she hasn't touched them again.
Theresa and Anya were outside this afternoon.
Anya did some posing . . .

And then, she wanted the camera . . .

Vince, Matt, and Dave are home from their bike trip.
They had a great time.  Lots of stories - all good.