I love 'em.  Fun shoes.

Last Sunday, these shoes failed me . . .

I was barefoot for church.
I felt very vulnerable
which is probably a good feeling
while communing with God and His followers.

On Monday, I was told it would be $20
to have them properly repaired.
I figured I could find a pair of fun shoes for less than that.
I went across the mall to Rack Room Shoes
and found these flip-flops on sale . . .

They are very comfortable.

the store was having a BOGO sale.

I had lime green Converse a decade ago.
They wore out.
I had red Converse after that.
They wore out.

Since I was currently without any kind of tennis shoe,
I also bought these (not Converse but really comfortable)
for half of their sale price . . .

To top it all, Vince says he will repair my beaded sandals.