2012.01.07 Oh, my!

I blogged and photographed and photoshopped (that's a word, right?)
rather faithfully even through Christmas and the aftermath . . . 
and then life and a seemingly endless to-do list
overwhelmed me.

But . . . a week later . . . now . . .
I feel almost caught up . . .
to the point that my list is back to manageable size.

So . . .
cyber-life resumes . . .

My fingernails have a cycle of strong, but flexible,
(which means some length and pretty polish)
and then they begin peeling, the length disappears,
and I'm constantly "catching" them on fabrics and yarns.
Until spring and sunshine arrive.

Today, I bought . . .

The box promises a smooth, chip-resistant surface,
long-lasting protection,
and to help nails grow longer and stronger.

The test begins.