2011.10.28 More . . . Finding joy in . . .

Ever since I had my ears pierced at the end of 2010

I've been collecting earrings.
I've been trying to buy handmade ones because

1.  I want to support artists
2.  the earrings are different from mass-produces ones
3.  (sigh) I'm addicted.

A recent purchase . . .

This photo is a self-portrait taken on my walk to the mailbox this morning.
Which goes to prove that morning light (shutter speed = 1/30)
combined with 2 mugs of coffee
produces camera shake.
But, back to the subject . . .

These earrings are felted wool balls on a chain.
When I bought them, I didn't realize the chains are pull-through.
You can adjust them to any length.
I thought I would feel the chain as I pulled it through,
but, nope, no problems at all.

You can find these earrings and other jewelry by this artist here:  Tactile Melodies

I've also been making a few Etsy purchases

I'm reining in my attraction to earring purchases.