Reading Log

I started a reading log 24 years ago.
This was ten years or so into my adult reading life.
My log is just the title and author, mostly in the order finished.
I read more fiction than non-fiction.
I generally don't read short stories or poems, some but not many,
and the occasional biography.
I spent a decade in science fiction, a few years in romance,
another decade in mysteries.
I still love a good mystery.
Sometimes I'll find an author and read until I'm saturated
or read an entire series beginning to end.
Not often, I'll re-read a book or series . . .
like this year when I re-read the Mitford series by Jan Karon.
During my childhood, I was a voracious reader,
mostly Nancy Drew and The Bobbsey Twins.
Then I stopped reading.
But a year or two after graduation,
I clearly remember picking up a paperback;
it was "The Source" by James Michener.
I was hooked.
I've never quit since.