Food for thought from "Frangipani" by Celestine Vaite:

From the day the child is conceived till the day the child leaves home you are responsible for its well-being. Actually, you feel responsible until you die. Even then it's not guaranteed the children are going to stop needing you and leave you alone. A child is a gift for eternity.

But sometimes, so Materena explained to Leilani, who was criticizing her for having given that alcoholic money, sometimes you have to believe people are telling you the truth.

Ah, Materena really loves Leilani's words of widsom on the walls.
... To die with a clear conscience is the only way to leave this world.
... Give because it makes you feel good. If you get something back, good. If you don't, it doesn't matter.
... Life passes by before we have the chance to understand it.

... Make sacrifices that matter.

Eh, things change, girl, and life is short. We've got to do what we love.

One woman talks about visualizing her children in a tunnel of light whenever she knows they're driving at night, to help guide them safely home.

Oh, la-la, Materena thinks. I'm too tired for an intellectual discussion. Nevertheless, she begins by saying that people don't have just one purpose in life and that purposes can be as simple as helping a child cross the road. Making someone sad smile. Listening to someone's story. According to Materena, a person's purpose in life should be about making a difference, and the opportunity to do so comes to us every single day.